Something for the employee as well

Unfortunately, most of the time filling out a employee survey is boring and gives nothing for the employee. Fortunately, this (too) can be changed and done otherwise. Filling out the Siqni survey is rewarding and educating for the employee as well. The Siqni experience continues even after filling out the survey as each respondent will receive a summary of their answers by e-mail. We believe these summaries will enable the employee to have more significant “discussions” with themselves and their superior.

Managing oneself and being happy

It would be good for each one of us to stop with regular intervals to think about what really matters in life and how these factors are realized in the everyday life. Research shows that just listing out these things increases happiness.

Siqni® will make the respondent stop and force them to think about the most significant factors to enjoy work and feel motivated. We believe Siqni will increase the individual’s willingness to improve their own experience.

Genuinely participatory

Siqni’s task is to help organizations understand their employees and develop further. Who else could help the organization more than its very own employees. The Siqni® survey has three constructive open-ended questions, where employees can share their own ideas on how to improve the organization. Special attention has been paid to the usability of the open answers as well as their reporting.

How can we help you?

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