Implementation of the Siqni personnel survey

How quickly can I get the results from the survey?

We recommend keeping the survey open for two weeks.We guarantee the basic reports within a week of ending the survey. Eventual special reports will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.

In which languages is Siqni available?

At the moment, Siqni® can filled out in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Thai and Korean. We will add language versions as needed.

What kind of a company is Siqni suited for?

We believe that the Siqni® survey is suitable for all companies, in all fields. Organizations with less than 15 employees will not benefit from all aspects of Siqni, but Siqni will still have value as a development tool. Do note that we offer a free version of Siqni for organizations or teams with less than 15 people. Read more about Siqni® Free from here.

Siqni® can be implemented electronically even in organizations where respondents don’t have their own e-mail addresses.

How often should Siqni® be implemented?

We recommend implementing Siqni® once or twice a year, depending fully on the state of the organization. Siqni® is not a pulse survey.


How long does it take to fill out Siqni?

Siqni® has a two-folded character: it has a light and easy structure, but its contents have been described as challenging (by those who take it seriously). However, unlike with other surveys, responding to Siqni is a beneficial and educational experience. It will take 2-30 minutes to respond, depending on the activity of the respondent.

Which equipment does Siqni work on?

Siqni® can be used on any equipment, i.e. computers, tablets, and smartphones. We recommend using the computer however, as the main focus is on the open-ended questions, and responding to them might be challenging on a smartphone.