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Filling out Siqni

Completing the Siqni survey is a rewarding and developing experience for the employee. The Siqni experience will continue even after completing the survey, as each Siqni respondent will receive a summary of their own responses to their email. With these summaries, we believe the employee can have more meaningful conversations with himself or herself and his or her supervisor.

Self-leadership and happiness

It would be good for each of us to stop at regular intervals to think about what things are important to ourselves and how these important things come to pass in everyday life. Studies show that this listing alone increases happiness.

Siqni® stops and forces its respondents to think about the most important things for job satisfaction and motivation. We believe Siqni increases the desire of individuals to lead their own experience for the better.

Truly inclusive

Siqni’s mission is to help organizations understand their employees and develop better. Who else could help an organization in these matters better than its own employees. The Siqni® survey has three constructively open-ended questions where employees get to share their own suggestions for improving the organization. Special attention has also been paid to the reporting of open answers, in order to increase their usability.

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