When a traditional employee survey is not enough – these companies use Siqni.

“Your organization will benefit from Siqni in two ways. First, it will challenge everyone to think about the factors they find meaningful. Secondly, it will give the entire work community valuable information about its members. We at Helti used Siqni as the basis for building a new management system. I can truly recommend it!”

Timo Lappi, Heltti

“Siqni was a response to questions we had been thinking about for a long time: What really motivates a team and how are these motivational factors realized? Implementing the survey before a big change opened up our eyes and helped us manage the change.”

Laura Tarkka, Kämp Collection Hotels

“Siqni’s survey received excellent feedback from our personnel, both for its contents and technical implementation. The results have directed the management of our entire company, making the experience of meaningfulness the most important goal of every single person at Fira. As we’re building a passionate corporate culture, Siqni is a great place to start and follow the progress.”

Henri Hietala, Fira

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