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What if you knew the 10 most important factors for your customers regarding your collaboration? Would you update your strategy? Would you develop your product or service to better meet market demand? Would you sell more effectively? Would you provide better employee induction? Siqni CX helps you to understand what is meaningful to your customers, and with this knowledge  to develop your business more efficiently.

Best solution to measure your customers’ experience, and to gain qualitative customer insight

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Highlight the meaningful

Siqni asks respondents to select and rate the 5 most relevant factors for them. This highlights what is most meaningful to the customer’s perceived value.

Clear reporting to gain insight

Siqni’s set of meaningful factors is based on scientific research on customer experience. Reporting is built to help you understand your customers.

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Customer insight as part of continuous development

Strengthen customer relationships based on new understanding and make your business more profitable.

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