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Client Experiences: Understanding Siqni in Action

At Siqni, our goal is to empower organizations to focus their development strategies for maximum impact. Explore these real-world accounts to understand the practical benefits and straightforward impact of our tool.
"Siqni provides management teams and boards with a solid foundation for their decision-making processes. It aids in guiding their focus, identifying aspects worth retaining, and pinpointing areas needing development. It's one thing to state that our Net Promoter Score is 70; it's entirely another to offer a detailed and holistic view of what customers deem important and what they don't. I would assert that cultivating deep customer insight is an enlightening experience for businesses of all sizes.
Joni-Joonas Honkanen, COO, Bookers
"We sought a partner capable of conducting a customer satisfaction survey swiftly and effortlessly. Opting not to devise one ourselves, as it falls outside our primary expertise, we were attracted to Siqni's approach of allowing our customers to directly indicate what they value in our partnership. This concept proved effective, and our collaboration with Siqni was seamless. The survey was executed promptly, and throughout the process, we received ample support and guidance. Consequently, we gained deeper insights into our customers' priorities. Now, we have a clearer understanding of the areas to focus on to enhance our clients' appreciation of our services. Our experience collaborating with Siqni was highly positive!"
Jari Hytönen, CEO, Tilikunta
"Siqni shed light on the elements our customers value most in our partnership. While some familiar themes emerged, there were also unexpected insights that caught us by surprise. This tool not only helped us gauge our success in these areas but also provided specific recommendations for enhancing the experience. This will, in turn, enable us to deliver greater value. We're excited to see how these metrics evolve over time!"
Petteri Hertto, Service Designer & Director, Solita
"We gathered fascinating data from the survey and found it beneficial to review the results collaboratively. The ease of not having to create a survey from the ground up was a real advantage. The final summary stood out for its clarity, and the concept of sending a final report to our customers is quite innovative - I believe they will also find it intriguing."
Nina Blomqvist, Developmen Expert, Eezy Kevytyrittäjät

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