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What is our new way to measure customer experience like?

We want to help organisations target their development efforts where they have the greatest impact. We have compiled here our customers' experiences of how Siqni has helped them.
"Siqni gives companies' management teams and boards a solid foundation to base their decisions on. It helps them to understand where to focus, what to keep and what to develop. It's one thing to say that our Net Promoter Score is 70, but it's quite another to present a concrete and comprehensive overview of what customers perceive as relevant and what they don't. I would argue that building customer insight is a real eye-opener for any business, regardless of size."
Joni-Joonas Honkanen, operatiivinen johtaja, Bookers
We were looking for a partner that could implement a customer satisfaction survey quickly and easily. We did not want to reinvent the wheel ourselves, as this is not at the core of our expertise. We liked Siqni's idea of letting our customers tell us themselves what is important to them in our partnership. The concept worked well and cooperation with Siqni was smooth. The survey was completed quickly and we received sufficient support and information during the process. As a result, we know more about what is important to our customers. We have a better understanding of what we should pay attention to so that our clients appreciate the work we do more. Our experience of working with Siqni was a good one!
Jari Hytönen, CEO, Tilikunta
"Siqni highlighted the things that our customers think are important in our partnership. They selected familiar themes, but also some surprising things that we would not have anticipated. We also understood how we have succeeded in these areas and received concrete suggestions for improving the experience so that we can better deliver value. It will be interesting to see how the figures develop in the future!"
Petteri Hertto, Service Designer & Director, Solita
"We got interesting data from the pilot phase and it was useful to go through the results together. It's really easy when you don't have to build a survey from scratch. The final summary was very clear and the final report to be sent to customers is a refreshing idea - I think they will find it interesting to read too."
Nina Blomqvist, Developmen Expert, Eezy Kevytyrittäjät

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