The usage terms of the Siqni Free service

Siqni® Free (hereinafter, ‘the Service’) is an employee insight survey supplied and produced by Leidenschaft Inc. (hereinafter, ‘the Service Provider’) for building up understanding of employees in teams or organizations of a maximum of 15 employees.

The use of Siqni® Free requires registration. When registering for the Service, the user (hereinafter, ‘the User’) confirms that they have familiarized themselves with these usage terms and commits to complying with them in use of the Service.

A person who registers as a User must be in an employment relationship with the organization that uses the Service.

Use of the Service

When using the Siqni® Free service, the User gets the right to use the material and data created as the end result of the Service in their normal activity, with the restriction that the User may not realize the Service for a third party for the purposes of financial gain or realize, or be involved in realizing, a comparable survey product in any other way for the purposes of financial gain.

The User does not get the right to the image material of the online service or other protected material. Protected material can be, for example, design-protected, trademark-protected or patented material. The image material or protected material of the online service may not be saved, distributed or copied without separate permission.

The rights and responsibilities of the User

When registering, the User must provide the required registration details. The contact details provided by the User will not be passed on to outside parties.

The Siqni® Free service acts in the way required by the Personal Data Act in the handling and registration of personal data.

The rights and responsibilities of the Service Provider

The Service Provider reserves all copyright and other immaterial rights to the Siqni® survey and the information gathered through the survey.

The Service Provider may store and use information collected from the customer for statistical and research purposes and also for the further development of the Service and user experience. The Service Provider will always comply with applicable legislation and will not use e-mail addresses or other information obtained from the User for direct marketing or comparable purposes.

The Service Provider may use the logo of the User as a reference on its pages and in its presentations.

The Service Provider assumes liability for the content of the Service and its correctness, but only insofar as the content that it has produced is concerned. The Service Provider does not assume liability for direct or indirect damage caused by the use or interpretation of the information contained in the Service.

The Service Provider does not assume liability for direct or indirect damage caused to the User or a third party by possible errors or deficiencies contained in the Service.

The Service Provider does not assume liability for possible outages of the Service, for example because of maintenance work, technical faults or other corresponding reasons, or the possible outages of data traffic connections or the Internet. The Service Provider does no assume liability for any damage that may result from the operation of the Service or the fact that the Service is not operating.

The Service Provider has the right to deny or interrupt use of the Service on the basis of its own judgment.

Cookies and other collection of visitor data

The Service Provider may collect data on how and when the Service is used, for example from which pages a User has come to the Service or what kind of browser the User uses. The data collected is anonymous and it is not linked to an individual User. The purpose of the collection of the data is to analyze use of the Service and develop it further to make it serve Users better.

Alteration of the functions of the Service

The Service Provider has the right to change the content and functioning of the Service and these usage terms in order to develop the Service, or for some other necessary reason. The Service Provider has the right to add, alter or remove parts of the Service or discontinue the Service partly or completely. When it is reasonably possible to do so, the Service Provider shall seek to provide notifications of alterations and outages that occur in the Service and are fundamental from the point of view of the Users, in advance through the Service or in some other way that it sees as being appropriate.

Resolution of disputes

Disputes relating to use of the Service shall be resolved in the first instance through negotiations between the parties. If a dispute cannot be resolved in the negotiations, it will be resolved in the district court of Helsinki in accordance with Finnish legislation.