How does Siqni help me as a manager?

Employee understanding as part of everyday management

Siqni helps organizations understand what matters are relevant to its employees, as well as how those relevant things materialize in everyday life. This in turn will help you as a manager to lead better. With the help of Siqni, supervisors learn which things most affect the motivation and well-being of their own group in the workplace, and how well these things materialize in everyday life.

Siqni reporting portal

Clear and illustrative reports help you outline your own team’s situation as well as what are the most important things to focus on.

Chat with your team

Siqni will help you have a discussion about the most important things in the team, deepening your own and the team’s understanding.

Better individual discussions

With Siqni, you can discuss with each of your team members, the issues that are relevant to the team member and their implementation. This deepens the supervisor’s and team member’s understanding of the state of affairs.

How can we help you?

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