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Superior customer experience is part of Siqni's uniqueness

We want to help organisations target their development efforts where they have the greatest impact. We have compiled here our customers' experiences of how Siqni has helped them.
"I recommend Siqni because it offers the possibility to genuinely hear what matters to the employees instead of guessing. Siqni produces easily utilizable results that we have used in drafting our employee value proposition. With its help, we will be able to more easily reach the right people for our team in the future. We will continue to use Siqni to understand what is important and meaningful to our growing team."
Petra Maunula, VP, People, Hycamite TDC Technologies Ltd.
"Over the years, I have used different kinds of surveys. Finally, I took the plunge and jumped on the Siqn bandwagon. Siqni is not just a survey, but a process that focuses on the individual. In my opinion, individual focus on the employee experience is the only way to do this. We have very few company-level development projects, because Siqni shows directly that the employee experience is very different for each individual. That's why we focus on the individual."
Tino Välimäki, Chief People & Culture Officer, Lyyti
"We introduced team leader roles to our flat organisation when we were just under 200 people. So the role is new both for us as an organisation and for each team leader ("lähi-henkilö") in their own team. Siqni gives us concrete evidence to assess the success of this change, and tools for team leaders to improve everyday life at team and individual level."
Heli Rautjärvi, People & Culture, Integrata
"We now have two years of Siqni EX surveys behind us. Never before have we achieved such high response rates as with Siqni. We feel that this allows us to hear our staff in a comprehensive way. We have been particularly pleased with the support we have received from Siqni, both in preparing the survey and in analysing the results. The cooperation has been open, friendly and hassle-free. Siqni results can be utilized on a company and team level, and all the way to individual motivation level in development discussions. SiqniTrend surveys throughout the year are also a great way to monitor the well-being of staff several times during the year."
Tuija Postari-Kivistö, Director of Administration and Finance, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
"Siqni has taken its place at Sulava. For a few years already, we have been asking our employees how the things that matter to them are actualised, what is already well and where we need to improve. We are pleased with the information Siqni provides us about our organisation and how it helps us in the development of Sulava."
Juha Heikkonen, HR Director, Sulava Oy
"Siqni has been a new experience as an employee experience survey. We particularly liked the simplicity of Siqni and the fact that Siqni has allowed each of us to reflect and discuss what is important to each of us at work."
Anu Kiviniemi, Director of Finance and Administration, Porvoon Energia
"Siqni is an important tool for us to increase employee insight. It allows us to identify the issues that are important for well-being at individual, team and organisational level. The responses serve as a dialogue opener for us and give us the tools to take the conversation forward at the individual level. Siqn's unique approach complements our overall HR management approach."
Maria Törnroos, Wellbeing & Performance Lead, Metacore
"Siqni is a tool for us to study our company culture, people's well-being and job satisfaction. Siqni suits us because we want to genuinely understand the individual's perspective. If we aggregate our different needs and only consider things at the company level, it doesn't serve an organisation consisting of top talents. Companies need to be able to see and embrace the diversity of individuals - that that is our greatest asset."
Sami Tikkanen, CEO & Chairman, TBWA\Helsinki
"Siqni was a new approach for us to understand what matters to our employees and measure the employee experience. The survey has now been running for 3 years and has provided us with a lot of feedback to support our management and development work. Working with the Siqni team has been rewarding and smooth."
Niina Tamminen, Administrative Director, EKE-Rakennus
"At Heltti, we used Siqni as the basis for building our new management system. I recommend!"
Timo Lappi, Co-Founder & CEO, Heltti
"We have managed to radically change the culture and the way we do things. The company has more drive than ever, turnover is growing and productivity is up. Sure, Siqni is just a tool and we have done the hard work, but through Siqni we have data to support our decision making. A strong recommendation for the survey if you are interested in the success and survival of your business in a changing, unpredictable and sometimes chaotic world."
Lenni Laukkanen, Executive vice president, Otaverkko
“The survey perfectly met our needs and we got a deeper understanding of employee insight. Utilizing personal responses in one-to-one discussions makes the effectiveness of the survey much broader than the so-called traditional employee surveys."
Kati Sasse, VP, People and Culture, Berggren
"It is stated in our strategy that we want to be a thriving media company. We want our corporate culture to be a competitive asset for us. The Siqni survey helped us to understand the strengths of our culture and where we still need to improve. The Future workplaces certification is a strong indication that we are on the right track in developing our culture."
Reetta Tuomi, HR Manager, A-lehdet
“The Siqni survey as part of a larger cultural audit helped us understand what is important to our experts and where we are going in these areas. It simply highlighted the things we need to focus on in the future.”
Laura Ylä-Sulkava, Executive Director, HR & IT & Development, Business Finland
"Siqni is a conversation starter. It makes the right things concrete in a clear way. This allows us to create a stronger sense of meaning, both at employee and manager level."
Sanni Koskela, Chief People & Culture Officer, Staria
"Siqn is easy to use and efficient, allowing us to take an unimaginable leap forward in identifying areas for development."
Tero Yliselä, Group HR and Communication Director, MSK Group
"The Siqni survey has given us a good basis for revising our mission, vision and values to meet our future goals."
Mari Erikkilä, CFO, Lemonsoft
"A fresh and apt way to listen to the views and ideas of employees. An opportunity to address the issues at individual, team and organisational level. Also brings out the distribution of opinions very well."
Wilma Laukkanen, HR Director, Fondia
"For us, every employee is important as an individual. Siqni helped us to understand what matters to each employee when we used the results in our development discussions."
Pauliina Löytty, Head of People & Culture, Fluido
"Wunder has been conducting Siqni surveys for several years now and we have been more than satisfied with the personal, professional and tremendously inspiring way we have been served!"
Emma Huhtiniemi, Talent Operations Lead, Wunder
"The Siqni survey did a great job of highlighting our strengths and the speciality of our culture, which we will continue to nurture."
Minna Tuomikoski, Chief Human Resources Officer, iLOQ

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