Easy and quick employee survey

Siqni is a quick and easy-to-use employee survey. We have made an effort to make our service as easy-to-use as possible on every level. Starting Siqni, implementing it, and communicating the results will not strain the HR or team leaders (too much).
Our competent and service-minded team is always ready to help.

Effortless process

Implementing Siqni is incredibly straightforward and quick. You will always have your own personal support person ready to help.

We will always support you in communicating about the Siqni® survey by providing for example a notice template that you can use when communicating about the implementation. We also have a simple and easy-to-use model that you can use when sending us a list of your employees.

During the survey, we monitor the response rate and, as agreed, we will send two reminders to those who have not yet responded to the survey.

The training for presenting the results can be held immediately after the reports are ready, approximately 3-4 weeks after the start of the survey.

Option: Analysis and presentation of the results of the Siqni employee survey

Siqni® reporting has been designed so that you don’t need an expert to understand the results.

However, if you prefer, our experts are available to analyze the results closer with you. We will analyze the results carefully and present them to your board.

This will ensure that the knowledge gained from Siqni will transfer quickly into the everyday work life.

“We really don’t have time this year…”

Nonsense! Of course you have time if it’s important. And what’s more important than understanding what motivates your employees and how they are doing? Let us help!

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