An entirely new way to ask

The old way of implementing employee surveys has come to its end. The Siqni employee survey offers a fresh, individual-led way to understand your employees and develop your organization further. Siqni is the employee survey from this millennium.
Not because you have to ask, but because you have to develop.

Siqni helps organizations to understand what really matters to their employees.

With Siqni employee survey you will understand what are the most significant factors for your organization’s employees wellbeing and motivation. This will help the organization understand and lead its employees better. Read more about Siqni’s reporting.

Siqni will figure out how the factors your employees value as most significant are implemented in your company’s everyday functions.

An organization’s developmental efforts need to be directed to where they have the biggest effect. Siqni will help your organization figure out what needs improving and what is already working out well.

Siqni will include your employees in the organization’s development work

Siqni will include the employees in developing the organization by asking for targeted suggestions to improve the organization and by producing clear, categorized reports on all open-ended questions. Read more

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Siqni employee survey’s reports are clear and easy-to-read.


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