Employee reports

Besides offering a pleasant user experience, Siqni offers employees something else as well. The summaries sent to employees can be used as a central part of the performance evaluation. At its best, the summaries will also help them manage themselves towards a more satisfied and motivated life.

Summaries sent to the respondents

Once employees have filled out the survey, they will receive three summaries by e-mail:

  1. The significant factors the employee has chosen in order of priority;
  2. The employee’s evaluation of how the significant factors are implemented;
  3. The employee’s answers to the first two of the open-ended questions.

We believe that these summaries will enable the employees to have more meaningful discussions with their superior, for example when it’s time for the performance evaluation.

Why three separate reports? The report the employee wants to use has to do with the confidential relationship the employee has with their superior.

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