The flame index

The Flame Index will tell you how high the employees’ “burning passion” for their work is. The Flame Index is the average of how the five most significant factors according to the employee are realized at the workplace. The index doesn’t consider what the significant factors are, but how they are realized according to the employee’s experience. The Flame Index can be calculated on the organization, department, and team level.

The flame index

Flame Index distribution

The chart will show the Flame Index average for all respondents and what percentage of respondents are situated on each place on the scale (0-100) with their own Flame Index. This report can only be given on an organizational level.

The organizational Flame Map

The Flame map will be made according to the organizational structure (four levels) defined by the organization. This report will quickly show you how satisfied and motivated the employees are in the different departments. Therefore, it will show you where to target your development activities.

The Flame Map can also be done according to the background variables.

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