“I am pretty sure that the managers will find out what I answered.”

“You are right! One just cannot trust that these surveys are anonyme.”

“I have never answered these kinds of surveys! I am afraid to give any negative feedback – you never know what will happen!”


You’ve probably heard these kinds of conversations in your organization, just before you launch the annual personnel survey.

Believe me – you do not need to worry. Why so? Because finding out who said and what is not the point of having a personnel survey. And, even if it was the point of having the survey, no one in your organization would have access to your answers anyway.

We at Siqni take good care or everyone’s anonymity in many ways. Let me tell you how we do it.

  1. In Siqni, the same rules apply to your company and us as well. No one in your company nor in the Siqni-team has access to respondents’ unique answers.
  2. In Siqni, beside company results, data is reported also of smaller groups, for example on team-level. For reports of smaller groups, you need to have answers from at least 5 respondents from that group before you will get their group results.
  3. In Siqni, you cannot pivot the data in order to review the answers by any background variables – social or organizational.

What do I mean by the social and organizational variables?

Let’s take an example employee, Emily.

Emily is 40 years old, she’s been in the company for 6 months, she works in the Sales team that is based in Berlin.

When Emily answers Siqni, her answers are categorized in five different respondent groups, on the following individual Siqni reports:

  1. Group of 36-40 years old
  2. Group of Females
  3. Group of Employed who have worked for the company less than a year
  4. Organizational unit, Sales team
  5. Location, Berlin

In Siqni, you can only review one respondent group report at a time. You can review the answers of all the respondents in the Sales team, or by age group 36-40 years old (incl. female, male, other). You cannot review e.g. females of an age 36-40 in the Sales team at the same time. This way, we take care of everyone’s anonymity.

How about the personalized link and the pin code in the invitation email? Looks like you know who I am. This can’t be anonyme. Got ya!

We use a personalized link in the invitation email, this is true. We do so in order to enable the system to track who has answered and who has not and send reminders to those who haven’t yet taken part in the survey. We want to be sure that everyone has a chance to answer, and we make sure that everyone answers only once.

Technically speaking, the respondents’ data, background variables and the link information are stored in separate databases. Therefore, they cannot be linked together – even by the smartest tech gurus!

The Siqnificant Company Oy cannot (nor wants to!) provide a report from a single respondent’s data. No one has to worry that their employer will dig into the data and find out who said what in the Siqni survey.

Only actions can make a change

So, take action now! Take 20 minutes to reflect on what’s the most significant for you in your work and how they are fulfilled at the moment. By taking this time and by giving your honest feedback, you and your organization can develop.

I hope you will enjoy answering Siqni. You can sleep well after doing so – your answers will be safe.